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In Defend Your Castle , the title suggests your kingdom is underneath assault from Stick figure invaders and you'll need to fend them off. Now, one stick figure attacking your castle is really a piece of cake to deal with. However, whenever you are attacked by hordes of them, it is a different tale!

Once your castle's hit points dwindle down to nothing, the sport is must commence from square one. The enemies attack in waves plus they grow to be Additional and Far more complicated in the game. You need to make good use from the factors that you might have earned to get upgrades as well as generate and train unique defensive models that would maintain their heavier attacks at bay. The game lasts so long as you'll be able to endure the attacks.

Listed below are some basic techniques and actions that you can actually use to play...

Tip One

To ‘

Defend Your Castle’, click on on an attacking stick figure. You'll need to drag it all the approach to the leading left corner. As soon as you're done, release it to drop and destroy the pesky stick figure that's attacking your castle. Rinse and repeat. By the way, for each casualty, for every stick figure you eliminate, you make 60 points. You'll be able to use these factors for upgrades and training new units. Tip Two

So stick figures are charging for your gate? NO Challenge! Drag them absent from the gate. This prevents them from dealing damage to your castle. Once more, when your castle is damaged so significantly and once the lifestyle points operate out, it is game over so keep them at bay.

Tip Three

Soon after every level, hit the Preserve button. This allows you to file your progress. Hit Okay after which move forward to the Upgrades And Buildings Part. Get a shut have a look at the upgrades and repairs which are out there for you. Some of them might not be economical in the early stages with the sport. It is still good to understand, Even so, what every upgrade does. For your time being, have a look at tip 4...

Tip Four

You'll need to maintain your castle in tip top shape and restore the damages before you move on towards the subsequent wave. Invest 100 points for restoring 50 castle hit points, 500 factors for restoring 250 hit factors, plus the checklist goes on.